Consumer & Away-From-Home Disposables

INDEVCO Group plants produce and distribute personal, hygiene, household tissue, plastics, and foil disposables, as well as away-from-home products.

Baby And Adult Care

  •  Sanita Elegance

     Sanita Medica

     Sanita Charm

  • Sanita Bambi
  •  Sanita Bambi Baby Diapers

     Sanita Bambi Baby Wipes

    Family Care

  •  Sanita Bouquet

     Sanita Club



     Sanita Gipsy

  • Sanita Family Care
  •  Sanita Deluxe

     Sanita Hand Sanitizer

    Feminine Care

  •  FAM



    Household Products

  • - Sanita Club
  •  Sanita Club Food Storage Bags

     Sanita Club Aluminium Foil

     Sanita Club Table Covers

     Sanita Club Trash Bags

     Sanita Club Garbage Bags

  • - Sanita
  •  Sanita Aluminum Foil

     Sanita Cling Film

     Sanita Easy Lock

     Sanita Food Storage Bags

     Sanita Mandy Aluminum Foil

     Sanita Sufra Matwiya Table Covers

     Sanita Tie Bags

     Sanita Trash Bags

    Away From Home

  •  Serv-U