Interstate Paper Industries SAE

Established in 2008,Interstate Paper Industries manufactures virgin and recycled parent tissue rolls for export to the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Private Free Zone
Sadat City, Egypt
P.O. Box 165

Phone:  +20-4-8261 3080
Fax: +20-4-8261 3076


Unipak Tissue Mill S.A.L.

Established in 1995, Unipak Tissue Mill produces virgin and recycled parent tissue reels, recycles pre- and post-consumer paper, minimizes the quantity of fresh water used per ton and manages an efficient Effluent Treatment Plant.

Halat Industrial Complex
Jounieh, Lebanon
P.O. Box 22

Phone: +961- 9-478 911
Fax: +961-9-478 909