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Cake boxes, doughnuts boxes, CPP bags, paper bags and plastic laminates for baguettes, bread loaves, cakes & pies, croissant, rusk, sambossa, pastries and other baked goods.

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Bundling, Packing & Shipping

Plastic films, duplex folding cartons, and corrugated packaging used by the food industry, designed to bundle, pack and ship dry, fresh, and frozen foods; baked goods and pastries; sauces and seasonings; meat, poultry, and seafood; salty snacks, confectionery, and other processed food products.

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Condiments & Sauces

Foil laminates, bouillon stock cube foil wraps, plastic laminates, monolayer plastic films, and single-serve packaging sachets for packing and preserving condiments and sauces like ketchup, garlic, mayonnaise, paste & tahina, salt & pepper, herb and soup mixes, oils, and other liquid and viscous condiments for wholesale and retail foodservice distribution.

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BOPP rolls, aluminum foil reels, foil laminates, paper foil laminates, plastic laminates, monolayer plastic films, and monolayer paper films suitable for packing and preserving Arabic sweets and confectionery products like biscuits, candy, chewing gum, snacks, nuts, chips, crackers, popcorn, chocolate, cookies, and other salty snacks.

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Displays & Promotional Packaging

Point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) merchandising displays, shelf-ready packaging (SRP), stand displays, and corrugated promotional packaging for promoting food brands in supermarket chains, big box stores, and other retail and wholesale businesses.

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Dry Food

Paper and flexible films and bags, pre-made pouches, and FFS roll stock packaging for dry food products like cake mix, caramel, cereals, coffee, creamer and tea, dates, flour, jello, miswak, nuts and fruits, rice and granules, pasta, pet food, seeds, milk powder, salt, starch, soup, sugar, toppings, vanilla and more.

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Fresh Food

Flexible, solid board and corrugated packaging solutions ideal for packing fresh food like egg, meat, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables.

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Frozen Food

Flexible, solid board and corrugated packaging solutions ideal for packing frozen food like vegetables, doughs, turkey, meat, poultry & fish, spring roll wrappers, and other frozen food ensuring outstanding aroma protection and longer shelf life guaranteed.

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Oils & Fats

Monolayer paper film, foil and flexible laminates, bottle caps, and handles, ideal for packing and protecting edible oil and fats.

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Ready Made Food

Aluminum foil reels and flexible laminates packaging solutions are ideal for packing and preserving ready-made meals.

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