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  • Plastic films and corrugated packaging to bundle, pack and ship medical and paramedical disposables products such as surgical gloves, medical powder, devices, serum, syringe, dialyzer kits, transfusion, medical soluble tablets and capsules.

  • Point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) merchandising displays, shelf ready packaging (SRP), hanging display boxes, and corrugated packaging for promoting paramedical and pharmaceutical products in pharmacies and supermarket chains.

  • Disinfectant and sanitizer are ideal products to get rid of dirt, dust, crumbs, and germs from all surfaces. Useful for many sectors such as clinics, hospitals, medical & other institutions.


  • Bottom web films and high barrier thermoforming films for paramedical disposables, top web films for blister and strip foil, IV solutions outer wrap, pouches, sachets for medical powder and laminated film for medical swabs.