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  • Blown water bottles, water dispensers, caps and handles.

  • Easy-to-handle corrugated carriers to carry soft drinks and juice bottles and packs, water bottles, ready-to-drink mixes, energy drinks and other beverages.

  • Corrugated heavy-duty bulk bins and double cover for packing, storing and shipping of PET preforms, solid and liquid heavy weight products. 

  • Plastic films, duplex folding cartons, and corrugated packaging to bundle, pack and ship water, beer, juice, soft drinks, read to drink mixes, energy drinks, wine, liquor, other spirits, coffee, tea and ice.

  • Point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) merchandising displays, shelf ready packaging (SRP), and corrugated packaging for promoting alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands in supermarket chains, big box stores, liquor superstores, and other retail and wholesale businesses.

  • Printed roll fed labels and stretch sleeve labels for PET bottles and glass beverage bottles used to pack water, juice and soft drinks.

  • Disposable hot and cold paper cups and corrugated paper cup carriers.

  • Peelable roll-fed lids and pre-cut peel lids for juice and water beverage cups. 

  • Polylaminate capsules for still and sparkling wine and spirit bottles. 

  • FFS plastic pouches and bags for packing flavored drink powders, instant coffee, tea and other granular beverage powders.