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Plastics Converting

Bundling, Packing & Shipping

Plastic films, duplex folding cartons, and corrugated packaging materials are used by the plastics converting industry to provide a high level of strength and protection for products, whether they’re being shipped, stored, or displayed.

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CPP films, PE release films, semi-finished films, and printed CPP rolls in addition to paper cores, flexographic, and gravure printing inks used by the plastics converting industry.

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CPP films, compounding resins, off-grade, paper cores, PE lamination films, printed CPP rolls, recycled resins, and semi-finished PA/PE rolls used in the extruding manufacturing industry.

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CPP films, semi-finished PA/PE rolls, PE lamination films, and paper cores as well as flexographic and gravure inks used by the printing industry.

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Textiles & Fibers

Enhancers and cardboard tubes are used by the textile and fiber industries.

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Compounding resins, near-prime/prime, off-grade, and recycled resins used in the thermoforming manufacturing industry.

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